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[The Washington Independent] Even as the White House is on the hot seat over claims that it's been too lax on mining safety, one coal-country lawmaker has already shifted focus, ripping into federal regulators for being too strict on environmental protection.

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[Solve Climate: Daily Climate News and Opinion] Coal Barons Urge Capitol Hill: No Carbon Regulation Until CCS Is ...: In a tense hearing held in the wake of last week’s deadly coal mine explosion in West Virginia, Markey questioned the business sense of the coal industry’s opposition to climate legislation ”” legislation that he says goes out of its way to help coal users adjust to what he considers inevitable carbon emissions reductions and to help coal itself remain a central part of the U.S. economy.

[Green Chip Stocks] DC Tax on Plastic Bags a Wild Success: Los Angeles followed their lead, first imposing a 25 cent tax per bag for consumers, and then approving a ban that will go into effect in July of this year. Of the 25 cents taxed per bag, 7 cents to stores and 18 cents will help fund recycling and anti-pollution programs in the state of California.

[The Note] The Note's Must-Reads for Thursday, April 15, 2010 - The Note: The Associated Press' Laurie Kellman: "CAPITAL CULTURE: Pelosi braces for midterms" LINK. CONGRESS: Politico's Jake Sherman: “Felipe Calderon will address a joint session of Congress” LINK. The Wall Street Journal's Nick Timiraos: ... Politics Daily's Annie Snider: "Coal Execs Quizzed by Congress on Safety, Environment" LINK. OTHER: The Washington Post's Greg Miller: “Deputy Director Kappes to leave CIA” LINK. The Wall Street Journal's Andy Pasztor: “Feud Over NASA ...

[All MNN Content] Daily Briefing: Mon. | Atomic balm | MNN - Mother Nature Network: The opinions expressed by MNN Bloggers and those providing comments are theirs alone, and do not reflect the opinions of While we have reviewed their content to make sure it complies with our Terms and Conditions, MNN is not responsible for the accuracy of any of their information.

[Elements: Environmental Health Intelligence] The Week (and a bit more) in Environmental Health News, March 29 ...: “Some capital cities smell like a sewer and look like a garbage heap when you go to them,” said Executive Director of the Caribbean Environmental Health Institute (CEHI), Ms Patricia Aquing, when she addressed the opening session of a biomedical waste management training workshop yesterday at the Grand Coastal Inn, Le Ressouvenir, East Coast Demerara.

[IEeeSTechSupport Inoue Sogakukan 井上創学館] news20091206lat - IEeeSTechSupport Inoue Sogakukan 井上創学館: Reporting from Copenhagen - Something is rotting in the state of Denmark. Lots of things, actually, and it's a bit of an embarrassment for this Scandinavian nation as it prepares to host a widely anticipated global environmental summit this week.

[Legal News - Your Source for Legal News and Advice] Legal News - Your Source for Legal News and Advice | Los Angeles ...: The Los Angeles-Long Beach port complex is the largest port in the country by value and the fifth-largest container port in the world. So no state has a greater interest in issues of security at ports, which are potentially vulnerable to .

[TheEnergyCollective] Renewable Energy Grid Infrastructure Reality Sinks In: It's good for getting from Boston to New York maybe, or Los Angeles to San Francisco, but good luck trying to get from Denver to San Fran or Bismark to NYC. And much like the Interstates, the new supergrid would be a new "backbone" overlaying the existing grid, with various on and off ramp points (literally, if this is an HVDC system, with DC-AC intertie points). 

[STC News] CNN Student News Transcript: April 8, 2010 : STC News: ANTONIO VILLARAIGOSA, LOS ANGELES MAYOR: I'm asking the CAO to develop a plan to shut down all general-funded city services, with the exception of public safety and revenue-generating positions, for two days per week beginning the week of April 12th.

[Aris Mujiraharjo Blog] Tugas Bahasa Inggris « Aris Mujiraharjo Blog: As boss Mark Hughes closes in on a deal to secure Richard Dunne’s long-term future, his next priority is to hang on to England goalkeeper Hart, who signed a £5,000-a-week contract when he arrived at City from Shrewsbury as a back-up keeper in 2006.

[PR Hub] Climate Change Risks Could Cost Developing Countries Up to 19% of ...: L'AQUILA, Italy - - Action by Scientists Underscores Urgency of National Progress and Global NegotiationsA group of the world's top climate scientists today called on the leaders of the world's major economies to adopt strong measures to address climate change, including a peak in global emissions before 2020. In a letter addressed to Ministers and Heads of State attending this week's G8 summit and Major Economies Forum on Energy and Climate in Italy, the climate scientists, including several senior government climate science advisors, make specific requests for policy action and warn that failure to reduce emissions presents "unacceptable risks."The scientists are calling for action from world leaders whose nations represent around 70% of global carbon abatement potential.

[California High Speed Rail Blog] California High Speed Rail Blog » China's HSR Marshall Plan For ...: Either way, as California’s high speed rail project is the first massive project of its type in the U.S., this project will be the guinea pig in many ways because there isn’t a current U.S.-owned manufacturer that can produce HSR equipment, despite GE’s agreement with China. American industries have seemingly yet to really consider this project in its entirety while the financial industry is hesitant to spend on a project or this kind that really has no history within this country.

[God's Politics Blog] The latest news on Mine Disaster, Economic Crisis, Nuclear Power ...: West Virginia coal mine rescue crews race against time “Emergency teams stepped up a desperate rescue effort Wednesday despite fading hopes of finding any survivors two days after a devastating explosion killed at least 25 coal miners .Upheaval in Kyrgyzstan Could Imperil Key U.S. Base “The president of Kyrgyzstan was forced to flee the capital, Bishkek, on Wednesday after bloody protests erupted across the country over his repressive rule, a backlash that could pose a .

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